Homeless people must have a home and support

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What’s the meaning of life

“When you stop existing and you start truly living, each moment of the day comes alive with the wonder and synchronicity.” (Steve Maraboli).

I am sharing with you my opinion regarding homeless people. The people who are homeless need a home not only because we feel pity for them, but also because it will make our country a better place.

Here is three interesting points: crime, violence and the dirtiness of our cities.

According to an NCA (National Crime Agency) report, from 2015 to the present, 85 percent of people who committed violence and crime were homeless and the trend is increasing. This creates insecurity in our country, and people start fearing coming home late at night, especially those people who work the night shift. They worry that they might be robbed or sexually assaulted.

Homeless people also contribute to the dirtiness of the country because they are often unconscious and reckless about their actions. They often throw garbage on the ground and write graffiti on walls in the city.

Homeless people face many challenges: their limited access to health care, problems getting enough food, trouble staying safe, unsanitary living conditions, and exposure to severe weather.

Therefore, they need to know that someone is looking, listening, and caring. We need to open our hearts and change their situation. The more homeless people there are, the more crime, violence, and dirt we will have in the country. If we change their lives and provide a home and food for them, the country will be safer.

If the government takes control of the homeless, our country will be a better place

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